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Our manufactuers can design & manufacture API Pumping Unit, Pump Jack, RM pumping unit, Beam balanced pumping uni(B type), Compound balance pumping unit, Double-horsehead Pumping Unit, Low Profile pumping unit, External Rotor Electric Motor Pumping Unit, Diameter adjust moment regulate pumping unit.

  • 35+ years of pumping unit manufacturing experience.
  • 20+ years of API 11E pumping unit making experience.
  • Best quality, competitive price with short delivery time for your pumping unit.
  • All our pumping units with quality assurance of 5 years warranty.
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C456D-305-144TH API spec11E beam pumping unit

API pumping unit or beam pumping unit has features of reliable performance, simple structure, easy to operate and maintain, mature in technology. The technical parameters meet API Spec 11E Standard. And it is maturity of the technology.

  • The Beam Pumping Unit has the features of reasonable structure, working steadily, low noise, operated and maintained easily and durable.
  • Type: API type, attaining 1280, 000 in.-lbs. Dimension(L*W*H): 10.58*2.74*10.15
  • Standard: API spec11E Standard. Weight: 2-20 Tons. Voltage: 380V/220V
  • Features: Conventional Walking-beam. Production Capacity: Stroke Frequency
  • Core Components: Engine, Gearbox, Gear.
  • Rated Torque (in.lbs):16000-80000
  • Model: C456D-305-144TH. Single package size:1200X230X230 cm. Single gross weight:13500.000 kg
  • Package for the whole unit and transported with the container, each unit will need 0.5-2 no. of containers (according to the size of model)
  • Est. Time(days) 45 days
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API 11E C320 Series Pumping Unit C320-256-144

We can provide a wide range of API pumpjack depending on users’ requirements. They come with a 1-year warranty.They can choose from double circular arc gear reducer or involute gear reducer. We have 300 pumpjack processing equipment and a complete production tooling that guarantees accuracy in the manufacturing process. Our pumping unit has the following key parts: crank pin, taper sleeve and a tailstock. By improving the supporting equipment, scientific processing technology, strict quality control,superb technical level; API Pumpjacks are also suitable for inferior working conditions. These API pumping units are reliable and stable, hence their popularity among customers since it uses forging for key parts.

  • Carry out API 11E standards strictly.
  • Reducer with API production qualification.
  • Complete production tooling.
  • The use of forgings in key parts
  • Engineers available to service machinery overseas

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If you are looking for API pumping units suppliers in China, you are in the right site. We are a very professional supplier of API pumping units equipments, Oil Pump Jack, API Pumping Unit, RM pumping unit, Compound balance pumping unit,Beam balanced pumping unit(B type), Low Profile pumping unit, Double-horsehead Pumping Unit, Diameter adjust moment regulate pumping unit, External Rotor Electric Motor Pumping Unit, we are located in Dongying, Shandong, China. We can design and manufacture the products as your customized requirements or samples and provide you kinds of petroleum solutions.

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The Complete Buying Guide: API Pumping Unit

Pumping units are some crucial components used to pull hydrocarbons from oil wells to the surface. These units offer the required pressure in wells to lift hydrocarbons where the pressure at the bottom of the hole is insufficient to push the fluids to the surface. Newly drilled wells have enough pressure to push fluids to the surface. However, this pressure decreases with time, making it hard for the fluids to flow to the surface without artificial help. 

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3awJACNq86U

Pumping units are used to create the required pressure inside the oil well.  A pumping unit or oil jack pump is introduced to help pull any fluid from down the well to the surface mechanically. Pumping units can produce up to 40 liters of fluids with every stroke. Smaller units produce 5 liters. The type, power, and pumping unit size designation depend on the depth and weight of the fluid explored. 

This article sheds light on API pumping units to help you understand various aspects such as working mechanisms and types. You can use this information to make an informed buying decision.  

What is a pumping unit?

A pumping unit is best described as an above the ground drive used to mechanically pull fluids from the bottom of wells. Also known as an oil pump jack, pumping donkey, or pump jack, these units are designed like piston pumps that require strokes to lift oil from the bottom of the borehole to the surface. 

A pumping unit relies on the conversion of a rotary mechanism into vertical reciprocating movements that drive pump shafts to lift fluids from the bottom of the well to the ground. A pumping unit is primarily used in offshore oil exploration.

Pumping units are classified as API pumping units if they meet all American pumping unit specifications from the American Petroleum Institute. 

How does a pumping unit work?

Pump donkeys are found in every oilfield. Research indicates that more than 96% of oil wells do not have sufficient pressure required to drive oil to the ground, making it necessary to use pumping units. Accordingly, all oil wells require an artificial lift system to produce 100% oil found.  So, how do these pumping units work?

  • The pump jacks have gas or electric-driven engines that rotate counterweights, attached to arms. 
  • These arms instigate down and up movement on pivoting beams. 
  • Cables attached to the opposite side of the beam work by pulling up rod assemblies up and down.
  • A hollow chamber fixed with valves open to allow oil to fill up with every down movement of the rod.
  • The chamber then closes and is lifted to the surface.
  • Natural gas and water in the chamber is removed from the crude oil and pumped into tanks, awaiting transportation to the oil refinery. 

A pumping unit can average 20 strokes every minute, guaranteeing up to10 gallons with every stroke. Some pumping units can lift over five barrels in a minute. 

What are the different components of the pumping unit?

Pumping units convert rotary movements of prime movers into reciprocating vertical motions necessary to pull oil from the bottom of the well to the surface. Many pumping unit manufacturers design their products with the walking beam mechanism. The pumping unit API designation for such products comes to include four primary components.

  • Crank arm: This component moves with the speed of the shaft at the gear reducer. 
  • Pitman: This component links the crank arm with the walking beam. 
  • The third component is the part of the walking beam starting at the equalizer bearing and ending at the center bearing.
  • The last part is the distance between the crankshaft and the saddle bearing. 

Most pumping units are categorized under beam type. Every specification and feature is covered under the API. 

There are also non-API pumping units in the market.  

10 types of rod pumping units 

  • Conventional unit 

This is the most advanced beam-type pumping unit. The machine can rotate both clockwise and anticlockwise without sacrificing performance. Conventional units come in different sizes. 

They are popular due to their simplicity, versatility, and low cost. 

  • MK II unit 

The MK II unit is front-mounted as a class iii lever system. They have equalizer bearings between well loads and Samson’s post. 

MK II units can only move in the anticlockwise direction.

  • Reverse mark unit 

First created in 1961, the reverse mark units are a modification of the MK II and conventional units. They only turn in the clockwise direction.

  • Air balanced unit 

They are mounted in the rear as class iii lever systems. Air balanced units have piston rings that prevent oil from escaping from the chamber. 

  • Low profile units 

Low profile units are most popular in oil wells with environmental impact issues. They can turn in any direction to produce longer strokes.

Other types of pumping units include;

  1. Balanced beam unit
  2. Hydraulic unit
  3. Long-stroke, belt-driven pumping unit
  4. Cable-driven hydraulic unit
  5. Linear rod unit

Within these categories, you can also consider various American pumping unit specifications, such as the 640 pumping unit and API 11E unit. Check pumping unit size charts and Lufkin pumping unit sizes for more options. 

What is an artificial lift system?

An artificial lift system is a setup used to reduce pressure at the bottom of an oil well (bottom-hole pressure) to enhance the oil production rate. The process is facilitated through positive displacement pumps such as a beam-type pumping unit. Accordingly, down-hole centrifugal pumps can be used to make this pressure reduction possible. 

Low pressure at the bottom of an oil well coupled with a high flow rate is achieved when the fluid density is low, making it more manageable to lift the fluid to the surface. An artificial lift system can also be used to create fluid flow from oil wells with no flow. Most wells need an artificial lift system to enhance oil production.

The bottom line

API pumping units are necessary to aid the oil flow from the bottom of oil wells to the surface. These machines are mainly used in oil fields where the bottom-hole pressure is not enough to lift the fluids to the surface. If you are looking to buy these oil jacks, you need to understand their working mechanisms and the many available types. This article should help you get started. Do not forget to compare pumping unit prices from different API pumping unit manufacturers. You can also contact us if you want to order your China pumping units

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API Pumping Unit, RM pumping unit, Compound balance pumping unit, Beam balanced pumping unit(B type), Low Profile pumping unit, Double-horsehead Pumping Unit, Diameter adjust moment regulate pumping unit, External Rotor Electric Motor Pumping Unit.

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